What a mix of topics

Friday at #ASOR2019 was again a fascinating day. As I am about to prepare a final report on the NIP in digital format, I started the day with a session on Best Practices in Digital Publishing. Publishing of 3D materials is still a challenge. But I learned a lot more about Open Access publishing, ORCID, and the problems with Academia.edu (surveillance capitalism). The next session focussed on the archaeology of Israel, specifically Galilee in the Roman period with report on mosaics (241T per square decimeter) and coins (Hasmonean concentrations in the west) at Magdala. But most fascinating was the discussion to two sites (Einot Amitai and Reine) that were used for the production of stoneware vessels for Jewish communities. In particular, I learned more about the use of a lathe in the productions of bowls and mugs. The final session of the day looked at classical archaeology: the Roman bust of Alexander at Scythopolis (dated to 2nd/3rd CE!), Roman domestic cult practice in rural Judea, and the use of urban dwelling architecture to display status in Roman Palestine. Got some good descriptors for the House of Tyche from that paper. What a day! #WeAreCSP