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Greek Lectures

Greek Lectures on the Basics of Biblical Greek

The following lectures align with the chapters in the fourth edition of the Basics of Biblical Greek by William Mounce and published by Zondervan. For more on the textbook and helpful tools, see

Ch. 6 Nominative/Accusative/Definite Article  HTML5YouTube
Ch. 7  Genitive Dative HTML5YouTube
Ch. 8 Prepositions εἰμί HTML5YouTube
Ch. 9 Adjectives HTML5YouTube
Ch. 10 Third Declension HTML5YouTube
Ch. 11 1st & 2nd Pres Pronouns HTML5YouTube
Ch. 12 αὐτός  HTML5YouTube
Ch. 13 Demonstratives HTML5YouTube
Ch. 14 Relative Pronoun HTML5YouTube
Ch. 16 Present Active Indicative HTML5YouTube
Ch. 17 Contract Verbs HTML5YouTube
Ch. 18 Present Mid/Pass Indicative HTML5YouTube
Ch. 19 Future Act/Mid Indicative HTML5YouTube
Ch. 20 Verbal Roots HTML5YouTube
Ch. 21 Imperfect Indicative HTML5YouTube
Ch. 22 2nd Aorist Act/Mid Indicative HTML5YouTube
Ch. 23 1st Aorist Act/Mid Indicative HTML5YouTube
Ch. 24 Aorist and Future Pass Indicative HTML5YouTube
Ch. 25 Perfect Indicative HTML5YouTube
Ch. 26-27 Present Adverbial Participles HTML5YouTube
Ch. 28 Aorist Adverbial Participles HTML5YouTube
Ch. 29 Adjectival Participles HTML5YouTube
Ch. 30 Perfect Participles and Gen. Abs. HTML5YouTube
Ch. 31 Subjunctive HTML5YouTube
Ch. 32 Infinitive HTML5YouTube
Ch. 33 Imperative HTML5YouTube
Ch. 34 Indicative of δίδωμι HTML5YouTube
Ch. 35 Nonindicative of δίδωμι; Conditionals HTML5YouTube
Ch. 36 ἵστημι, τίθημι, δείκνυμι; etc. HTML5YouTube