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Minor in Archaeology

The Department of Theology and Ministry at Concordia Saint Paul offers an interdisciplinary minor in archaeology (write your own minor) in cooperation with  the College of Arts and Letters. The minor teaches students the basics of archaeology, provides field experience on an excavation, and exposes students to ancillary disciplines.Hippos Excavation

Central to the academic program is participation in a 4-5 week season of excavation at Hippos. Hippos is a Roman/Byzantine city that sits on a hill overlooking the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee. Hippos was likely the “city set on a hill” to which Jesus referred in his Sermon on the Mount. Although it was one of the pagan Decapolis cities in Jesus’ day, by the Byzantine era (the 4th to 8th centuries), Hippos boasted a cathedral and at least three other churches.

Academic Program

The Minor in Archaeology includes core courses, interdisciplinary courses, elective courses, and a project/internship.

Core courses:
ARC101— Basics of Archaeology 2 credits*
ARC250 — Near Eastern Archaeology 4 credits
ARC351 — Field Archaeology 4 credits*

Interdisciplinary courses (at least 7 credits)
ART371 — Survey of Western Art 3 credits
HIS221 — World Culture: Greece and Rome 4 credits
GEO222 — Physical Geology 4 credits

Electives (4 credits)
THL310 — Archaeology and the Bible
ARC301 — Palestine and its Material Remains 4 credits*
ART481 — Topics in Art: Art & Archaeology of Byzantine Palestine 4 credits*

ARC488 — Guided Project in Near Eastern Archaeology 2-4 credits

*course must be taken in conjunction with field experience