These pages are the web site for Mark Schuler, ThD, of the Department of Theology and Ministry at Concordia University, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

General Information

From the menu bar at the top of each page, you can navigate the site.  Each item in the menu leads to a separate page. Links are provided to Dr. Schuler’s office and schedule.


Mark Schuler is a Professor of Theology and Greek at Concordia.  He teaches in the areas of Old and New Testament, Biblical Greek, archaeology, and survey courses.

Dr. Schuler is the director of the University Honors Program at Concordia as well as the chairperson of the Department of Theology and Ministry.


Dr. Schuler is making publicly available his lectures for key courses at Concordia. Access is open for course material in


Current research focuses on the Northeast Insula Project of the Hippos Excavations and related topics pertaining to early Christianity. The project resumes in 2015.

Latest from the dig…

This year we are building 3D models to document progress on the dig. You have seen some in previous posts. We are now pleased to announce our new site on Sketchfab where our entire portfolio of models will eventually reside. The new URL is https://profschuler.sketchfab.me. You may even wish [...]
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Each day as we dig, we collect shards of glass and ceramic, along with bone fragments and other interesting small items. Sometimes we bring down buckets full of ceramic shards. And sometimes enough fragments from the same pot survive, so that partial reassembly is possible, as Alex and Melissa demonstrate. [...]
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DQ41, DP41, DP40 as of 27 July by profschuler on Sketchfab [...]
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Now that we have reached the floor in DQ41, we are merging the three squares of the west side of the room into one working area. We are also making a model available in .pdf form. PDF model from 27 July [...]
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