SBL on Sunday

On a beautiful day in San Diego at #SBL2019 I had wonderful opportunities to connect with friends (Elna Solvang, Michael Patella, and Deanna Thompson). Yes, I did skip some sessions. I also looked into options for a travel seminar in the footsteps of Paul for students at Concordia. I attended an academic session on Corinthians and a fascinating session exploring the various roles of space in Biblical interpretation.

I found the concepts of first space (physical), second space (theoretical) and third space (representational) to be potentially helpful tools in pursuing meaning of a text. Four speakers worked with the Hodayot psalms from Qumran (1QHa), 1 Enoch, the healing of the blind man at Bethsaida in Mark, and Paul’s shipwreck voyage to Rome in Acts. I must ponder these concepts more. #WeAreCSP